Epsilon Deuteron - Local History

Theta Chi

In 1902, six members of the Institute formed the local society known as Theta Chi (a.k.a. Club Fox), located at 9 John Street. This must have been an unusually capable group with strong ideals because they survived a number of trying years, and we have every reason to believe that their fine heritage has been passed along to an ever growing group of successors. This name remained unchanged until 1909, when the long established national fraternity, Theta Chi came to the WPI campus. 

Kappa Xi Alpha

Our local group at that time was looking for an exceptional national fraternity with whom to become affiliated. At the time no fraternity was accessible to this group. Therefore, the group changed its name to Kappa Xi Alpha, and remained a local fraternity until 1915. The colors of the chapter under both the Theta Chi and Kappa Xi Alpha were black and gold. In 1912, Kappa Xi Alpha fraternity of Worcester Polytechnic Institute was officially formed and the group was incorporated under the laws of the state of Massachusetts. At the present time, the corporation is still operative as our alumni association. In 1914, Kappa Xi Alpha purchased a new property at 11 Dean Street, which included a barn in the back that the brothers converted into an Annex to the main house.

Phi Sigma Kappa

Early in 1915, Phi Sigma Kappa was petitioned for a charter and thanks to friends and to the interest of President Dr. Walter Conley and Secretary John Adams Lowe, we secured a charter under such unusual conditions that we are often referred to as the “illegitimate child” of Phi Sigma Kappa. This is due to the fact that the general conventions of Phi Sigma Kappa did not take place until 1916, and we were anxious to receive our charter in 1915, when WPI would be celebrating its 50th anniversary. The brothers of Kappa Xi Alpha managed to secure the written pledges of the various chapters of Phi Sigma Kappa to approve our charter at the next general convention. 

On this technicality the council and court approved our petition and the members of Kappa Xi Alpha were inducted on June 8, 1915. Seventy-four members and alumni of Kappa Xi Alpha were initiated as brothers of Phi Sigma Kappa; the second largest number of initiates in the history of the fraternity system to be initiated at one time.

In 1966, the Epsilon Deuteron chapter of Phi Sigma Kappa purchased a neighboring property from Dennis Mack and dubbed the house “Mack’s House” for eternity. The loan for the house was paid off in 1985.