The Members of PSK Epsilon Deuteron

Hunter Wiechowski '22
House Manager

Hunter is a Chemical Engineering graduate student from Gloucester MA. Currently he is performing research in the area of Hydrochars and plans to apply to be a PHD candidate. Hunter loves to read and enjoys nature, often combining the two interests by listening to audiobooks while taking walks in the woods.   

RJ Franzen '24
Risk Manager

RJ is a Chemical Engineering major from Allentown, New Jersey. His hobbies include watching Basketball, Football, and Baseball where he roots for the city of Philadelphia, along with all things DC Comics, Ace Attorney, Avatar, and Genshin Impact. Additionally, he enjoys playing competitive Pokémon, where he won SPL XIII with the Team Raiders in 2022.

Caleb Prouty  '25

Caleb hails from California and is a Interactive Media and Game Design major. His major involvements include Varsity Wrestling. His hobbies include skating, slack-lining, and gaming. 

Daniel Lurie '24
Sentinel & Inductor

Daniel is so cool. So cool.

Jimmy Calarese '25
Recruitment Chair

Austin Jandrucko '23


Dan Correa '23
Academic & Social Events Chair

Dan was born and raised in Somerville MA in a local brazilian neighborhood. During highschool he fell in love with robotics and software engineering, coming to WPI he majored in Robotics Engineering & Computer Science. Some of Daniel’s favorite activities include attending edm festivals/raves, playing video games, and exploring abandoned urban buildings/areas.

Cameron McAfee '24
Philanthropy/Community Service Chair

Cameron is an Aerospace BS/MS from San Jose, California. He is a part of the High Power Rocket Club in both the propulsion and simulation subteams. He enjoys mountain biking, video games, and is part of the Fencing Club. He also likes going to live music shows and has a small record collection.